Sooke Harbour House
(Andrea Johnson photo)


Surfing & Watersports

Surfing (JF Bergeron photo)

Surfing (JF Bergeron photo)

With long rollers slipping down the throat of the Juan de Fuca Strait from the open Pacific, the Sooke region has a good wintertime reputation amongst surfers.

The waves aren't nearly as consistent or big as those found in the Tofino/Long Beach area further north, but they do provide enough action in the cold months for hardcore devotees. (Summer surfing is a no-go here because conditions are too calm.)

Winter Rules at Jordan River

Pacific storms kick up the surf and draw enthusiasts to Jordan River during the short, sometimes fierce days of winter. And if the waves are judged to be imperfect here, the tribe moves further west to Sombrio Beach in the heart of the Juan de Fuca Provincial Park. With winter water temperatures averaging 6°C/42°F, drysuits and westsuits are essential.

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