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Whistler Blackcomb

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Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler Blackcomb is considered one of North America’s premier mountain resorts—for good reason. A short, scenic 125-kilometre (78-mile) drive from Vancouver, this resort offers exceptional hospitality, a diverse cultural scene, and dramatic scenery. Two mountains, connected by the record-breaking PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola, offer more than 200 marked runs, 16 alpine bowls, and three glaciers. Epic skiing, combined with a glamorous après scene and endless off-mountain activities, make this an unforgettable ski vacation.

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Resort Details

  • Terrain 3,307ha/8,171ac
  • Elevation 2,285m/ 7,494ft
  • Annual Snowfall 1,168cm/460in
  • Vertical 1,610m/5,280ft
  • Lifts/Runs 36/200+
  • Longest Run 11km/6.8mi
  • Nearest Airport Vancouver International Airport


  • Beginner 18
  • Intermediate 55
  • Advanced 27

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Most Recent Travelers Reviews
  • Jul 5, 2018: “Bad experience all the way through. The prices went through the roof since Vail took over, so you spent a lot of money to go up the mountain, just to find out that they commercialized the whole area. So instead of having one camp and one open area, pretty much all of it is part of camps now and only a very small area is public. This is what you find out after a 1 hr gondola/shuttle bus/chair ride, that you can't start until 11 am, which is also when the glacier opens, so you automatically lose 1 hr of your expensive day (closes at 3 pm so you got 3 hrs). Also, you face badly trained staff that doesn't really seem to know how to handle the situation and gives out wrong information. Went to the suspension bridge as well and they open it even though construction is not even completed, so you can't get to the end.”
  • Jul 1, 2018: “we were fortunate to have been able to visit the suspension bridge which opened on canada day 2018(july 1, 2018). as you reach whistler mountain via gondola, a sign directs you to peak express ski lift which takes you to top of the world summit and the new peak suspension bridge. the west bridge lookout was unfinished and close at the moment. but we made history by being able to visit it on opening day. going to the bridge was easy but coming back was difficult. it was quite cold up and i was only in my shorts, so it was an ordeal.”
  • Jul 1, 2018: “We went at Christmas and it was like a winter wonderland - the best Christmas I've EVER had - the snow is beautiful, the slopes are never-ending and it's just brilliant.”
  • Jun 27, 2018: “During our visit to Vancouver, we took a short drive (1 1/2 hours) to Whistler. The views driving up are very nice but the views once you get to Whistler are spectacular.”
  • Jun 27, 2018: “Loved it! We have done this trip twice and had a wonderful and informed guide named Jeff both times! He made sure we would see bear and both trips we did. We took the Expedition in 2016 and enjoyed it and also did it this summer. So interesting to see the bear enjoying clover and other plants right on the ski slopes. Very safe environment for humans to observe the bear. We rode up the winding roads in a luxury SUV. Saw bear and cubs and even got to see an abandoned bear den in a tree base. If you love bear then this is definitely the tour for you and Jeff is definitely the guide to ask for! Absolutely amazing experience!”
  • Aug 27, 2018: “I have lived in Vancouver for many years. One thing I can tell you is that rain or shine Whistler Blackombe has been a year round adventure for both me and my whole family. People come here from all over the world for the spectacular views and multipl sporting activities. Ski/snowboard, Biking, hiking, kitesurfing or just hanging around one of the lakes you will never be disappointed or bored here. A trip needs to happen if you think any of these things would normally interest you.”
  • Aug 27, 2018: “I would highly recommend this company for the Bear Tours they do up the mountain. Our guide, Geoff, was awesome, very knowledgeable and great at finding bears. The comapny is the only one with actual access up the mountain, so don't be sucked in by other companies claims, the bears are basically all on the mountain, 53 of them at last count. We had to book a full year in advance, many people on our tour left it till 8 months prior and all of them missed out, so get in early. We did the evening tour (3 tours each day 6am, midday and 6pm) and during our time we found 7 single bears and a mother with 2 cubs, we were able to get out of the vehicle for 4 of the sightings. Tour was brilliant.”
  • Aug 29, 2018: “The Whistler Mountain Inukshuk Statue is a perfect landmark from which to take stunning pictures on top of world. Getting to the landmark is an adventure in itself. From Whistler Village, take the Whistler Village Gondola to The Roundhouse. Then, walk hike the trail to the Peak Chair; the trail is moderate and a bit treacherous when there are lots of hikers, so take your time, wear shoes and clothing for hiking, and stay hydrated and protected from the intense sun (hat and sunscreen recommended). Once on the Peak Chair, an open ski lift chair, you’re in for a heart-thumping, cliff-scaling ride up to the highest point on the mountain. If your scared of heights, this chair ride is a little difficult but not too bad (I’m very scared of heights, and I just closed my eyes during part of the ride up; the ride down was not as bad). Once safely off the Peak Chair, you’ll see the monument nearby. The monument is a popular picture spot, so expect to to wait in line for an opportunity for jaw-dropping pictures with the backdrop of snowy peaks. Tip: if you don’t want to wait in line and just want a picture of the monument without people, just set yourself up for a picture off to the side and take it in between the posers walking to and from the monument. If you’ve already paid for the Peak to Peak access, the monument is really no cost except for the time and effort—totally worth it! Highly recommended adventure for your trip to the Vancouver/Whistler area.”
  • Aug 28, 2018: “Too many things to do to pick a favorite. Skiing is insane, golfing is outstanding with multiple course options. Food options to die for! Vodka in an ice bar, beer of all varieties, shopping, sightseeing, hiking, biking, on and on!”
  • Aug 27, 2018: “Many of the wonderful restaurants in Whistler area are here. There are gift shops and clothing shops for those souvenirs you want to buy. Lot of bars and wonderful food! There is a huge amphitheater where they have entertainment and a huge lawn for people to sit and listen. The lifts were being upgraded when we were there, but they are busy making major improvements. ”
  • Aug 31, 2018: “About 90 minuets drive from Vancouver this places is just magical. The town itself is like walking through a Hollywood set but it is so surreal even the breathtaking views from afar. Then take yourself on a gondola up the mountain and you get even better view then if you are game enough take the next chairlift ride to the very top of the mountain and go on across the suspension bridge for just fabulous views you are so high up it is unbelievable. There is also plenty to do for the thrill seekers mountain bike riding down the mountain tracks, or zip line down, or even a bit of water rafting and also plenty of good shops and restaurants, this is a must see when in Vancouver ”
  • Aug 31, 2018: “Besides the gondolas, one of which is unique in the world, and the views, and the suspended bridge, it's also advisable to count with some extra time, at least a couple hours, to follow nature trails; these trails range from rather/very easy and suitable for almost anybody in moderate shape to longer options with steeper inclines. All of them lead to beautiful, breathtaking viewpoints.”
  • Sep 2, 2018: “Absolutely beautiful a must see. The views are breath taking. Don’t miss it. Pictures are from peak to peak travel. Hard to stop talking them ever view is so amazing. ”
  • Sep 3, 2018: “Loved our trip up on the gondola ride!! Remember to bring a coat as we came ill prepared. What an amazing view though!!”
  • Sep 3, 2018: “Great hikes. The marmots were a fun addition. The flowers were other worldly. Bring a coat and ensure you carry with as well.”
  • Sep 6, 2018: “great trekking experience , its a great experience in summers too, though there was no snow, but the weather was nice, also lots of byke activities, there is a vide variety of food options to choose from”
  • Sep 4, 2018: “Take up the Gondola to the Rendevous Lodge on Blackcomb or go via Whistler and the Peak-to-Peak Gondola. The first very easy hike is called Alpine Medows Hike starting basically very near the Rendevous Lodge. At the southeast end of this well-groomed trail one can continue a narrower, well-marked trail that meanders between huge rock boulders, scarce trees and grassy slopes. One actually crosses the skiing area called Seven Heaven. Vertical climbs and drops along the trail are usually in the 25 to 50 m range (thus easy) and become slightly more strenuous towards the lake side. But on average this hike is classified as moderate and even children can do most of it. The return is along the same trail. The full loop is 9.5km. but one can cut it short at any time. Best time to see many flowers and marmots is July-August.”
  • Sep 6, 2018: “Bought the gondola day pass to get up Blackcomb Mountain which also gives access to the ‘peak to peak’ gondola and the peak chairlift. We struggled with time to get them all in despite leaving base amp at 10:30am - mainly due to doing the longest trails on Blackcomb (not sure the missus will forgive me dragging her for 5 miles but so worth it).breathtaking. ”
  • Sep 8, 2018: “So many places to try but you have to give Moguls Coffee a visit. Good coffee well priced and good food. Secrets out I won't get in agay now!”
  • Sep 8, 2018: “Visiting from Toronto, had heard a lot about whistler and not a disappointment at all. Loved the sea to sky highway and whistler and peak to peak gondola ride too. ”
  • Sep 9, 2018: “Quite a pricey day out but well worth the experience. Lifted to the summit by chair lift we had the chance to get some awesome photos. We had an early opportunity to walk on the new pedestrian suspension bridge which was excellent. The whole experience from top to bottom where the village is was brilliant. We stayed near by next to a lake and on an evening walk bumped had a close encounter with a medium sized brown bear. He just ran out into the small roadway where we was walking and into a garden and went round the back of the house. So shocked I missed getting a photo even though I had a camera in my hand! Apparently this is very rare so close to the hotel.”
  • Sep 10, 2018: “We have done both..Skied and played golf and we love Whistler in the Summer! I am not sure our 21 year old would agree as he loves to ski and play golf. We love the getting away from Alabama heat and humidity and enjoying the summer things to do! He loved the Christmas we spent here so he could see snow for the first time....Great place no matter when you go!”
  • Sep 14, 2018: “There are lots of things to do both winter and summer. There are numerous hiking/biking trails for all levels in the summer and fantastic downhill skiing in the winter. There are also many other summer and winter activities. The town has lots of great restaurants and shops. ”
  • Sep 16, 2018: “The Peak to Peak experience with a sweet gondola ride to almost the top. A second godola will take you over to Blackcomb Mountain. A short walk will take to an open chair lift to the Top of the Mountain. Take the suspension bridge, if you dare, to the viewing platform or enjoy the views all around you. This experience is not for the faint of heart, but those who make it are rewarded with increditable, dare I say life changing, views for as far as your eyes can see. At every point of this experience there are views galore. This is a dont miss activity ”
  • Sep 21, 2018: “The entire area is breathtaking. The mountains are a great backdrop to the town. There are lots of places to hike, bike, canoe, etc... there are a lot of summer activities to occupy your time. ”
  • Sep 12, 2018: “I did another tour to whistler with landers tours and Greg was our tour guide, whistler is beautiful, it was cold and alittle wet but down bottom was raining but up the top was dry, very cloudy and cold but the view is amazing and they had a little snow the night before( yes a bit early) we had just over 4 hrs and I enjoyed the whole place, the cultural centre is wow!! , had an amazing time. Thank you land sea for making it wonderful. As it is summer they use the ski runs for mountain bikers, there was so many of them I lost count. It doesn’t effect your time in whistler”
  • Sep 13, 2018: “We had a great visit! While the summer was wrapping up and the town was starting to show signs of a pre winter season lull, we still had a wonderful time walking the village, enjoying the wide variety of restaurants, and just plain old enjoy ourselves. ”

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