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Revelstoke Mountain Resort

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Revelstoke Mountain Resort

While the town of Revelstoke boasts more than a century of ski history, Revelstoke Mountain Resort (RMR) is practically brand new. Canada’s newest ski resort claims the longest lift-served vertical in North America at 1,712 metres (5,620 feet). With 69 named runs—45 per cent classified as intermediate and another 47 per cent designated as advanced—strong skiers will find themselves at home on 1,263 hectares (3,121 acres) of terrain.

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Resort Details

  • Terrain 1,263ha/3,121ac
  • Elevation 2,467m/ 8,091ft
  • Annual Snowfall 1,400cm/551in
  • Vertical 1,713m/5,620ft
  • Lifts/Runs 5/69
  • Longest Run 15.2km/9.4mi
  • Nearest Airport Kelowna International Airport


  • Beginner 7
  • Intermediate 46
  • Advanced 47

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Most Recent Travelers Reviews
  • Jul 5, 2018: “I could go again and again, but sadly decided against it, as I was required to pay full amount for another ride. From my room balcony, many times I witnessed other families disembarking from the ride and could see the same enthusiastic discussion whether to go again. It seems their decision was the same as mine despite the fact that their was no waiting on this day. As guests of the resort, we would probably ride many times if a multi ride deal was available.”
  • Jul 4, 2018: “Be forewarned. If the website says 1.5 hrs the wait is actually 3 hrs. We waited 3 full hours before taking what amounts to a 3 minute ride. They told us 1.5 hrs at the bottom.....clearly not true. I’d skip this all together or at least plan a hike at the top (during your 3 hrs wait). We lost an entire day here and there is nothing much to do if you have young kids. roast in the sun at the line up at the top. Wear a hat and sunscreen.”
  • Jul 1, 2018: “It’s a must to ride the Pipe Mountain Coaster if you’re passing Revelstoke. It’s worth trying. The facility is new and you can speed up to the maximum allowed. The kids will love it. ”
  • Jun 18, 2018: “This ride is fantastic. You travel in a single car down the mountainside. It's attached to a single rail and weaves through forests, fields and beside creeks all the way down the mountain. I believe the ride was about 1.1/2 kilometres in length. You have control over how fast you travel, via the brake handle. One way slows you down, and if you release the handle the car speeds up. It's quiet safe. People were travelling on it with children on the seat with them, because you can go as slow as you like. Safety is attended to via the stop light at the top. There are strict rules about how close you can follow behind the car in front, and if you are getting to close they flash red lights at you to make you slow down. Everyone was well behaved on the ride. Also, once you've done the ride you can go to the shop at the bottom and view the photos that were taken of you on the ride. This was a nice surprise as we didn't know any were taken. You are not allowed to hold or operate cameras or phones during the ride, so it's a bonus to find there are actually photos of you to purchase at the end.”
  • Jun 18, 2018: “We loved this place! we stayed in the middle of winter so the snow was amazing here! We didn't have our own transport so it was a little difficult getting to the resort, we will have our own transport next time. But loved the place! ”
  • Aug 23, 2018: “My family and i all went up the gondala but when we got to the top i could not fit in to my seat for the pipe. Instead they let me take the gondola down for free. I was very embaresed but the staff helped me a lot e.g.. They lifted me out of my seat and helped me to walk to and from the pipe.”
  • Aug 27, 2018: “We had a kid turning 9, he really wanted to go... so we all went as a family, was freaking awesome!!!! ”
  • Aug 28, 2018: “We stayed a few nights in Revelstoke with the sole purpose of riding the Pipe Coaster and going up the mountain in the gondola's. We were not disappointed. We went mid week which helped with the lineups. We didn't wait long at all to ride the coaster. Definitely recommend buying the two ride pass. The first time just to get a feel for how it goes - and the second time to let it rip! Make sure you tell the ride attendants if you are nervous and think you might go slow - so then they will leave you extra time before sending someone down behind you. The gondola rides were a special treat. The mountains are so beautiful. There isn't anything really to do up the mountain - unless you are a hiker - so don't expect to stay that long. Definitely worth spending a day in Revelstoke - or longer - to see the cute town and the mountain resort.”
  • Aug 27, 2018: “we went up for lunch and spent a pleasant afternoon enjoying the view and wandering , the kids went on the coaster and had a great time...will come back for sure”
  • Sep 5, 2018: “If you're under the age of 10 or so and looking for a fun ride, this is it. If you are older, it's very tame. We caught up with the riders in front of us three times on the way down and were very disappointed. We were offered a second run due to our delays, which was a nice offer (that we didn't take them up on). My "poor" rating is because the web promotion implied to me that it was going to be much more exhilarating than it really ended up being. Had it been promoted as more of a children's ride, my rating would be higher. Not much bang for the buck. Everything was clean, organized and the staff were good. Make sure your sled has a back cushion. One of ours didn't which made for a painful ride.”
  • Sep 7, 2018: “We bought tickets for the pipe which included a buffet breakfast and trip on the lower gondola. All in all good value. The waffles are lovely at the chef station where you can also have freshly made omelettes. There’s a chef special available at the cooked breakfast table and today it was eggs Benedict which were delicious. We then headed over to The Pipe which you can take at your own pace. Great fun and great views! ”
  • Sep 7, 2018: “The Pipe Coaster was the reason we came to RMR. It was a quiet Friday so nice that the lineups weren't too long. But on the ride we got stuck behind a lady who had her brakes on the whole time. We'd let her get ahead then go again only to catch up to her again and have to brake. We voiced our disappointed when we got off and were told we could have a redo ride. This time we told the attendant at the top what happened and she waited until the people in front of us were nearly done before we went and boy it made a huge difference!! We went at max speed with no brakes and it's a super fun ride. Totally recommend it. Oh they take photos of you too as you're going down the pipe but we thought they were overpriced. We went up to the top of the gondola. Some pretty views but hoping we could see more from other directions but we didn't have our hiking gear with us to explore. If you have the time, do some hiking. The area is very beautiful. Something to plan for our next visit.”
  • Aug 29, 2018: “Go online to get your tickets ahead of time. If you buy your tickets 24 and 48 hours in advance you can save some real money. As for the Revelation restaurant at the mid point there are terrific views from the deck, and if you buy your brunch tickets before 12 midnight the day before you get another deal. The brunch is really good, what you'd expect at a hotel. And, the staff seem to be some of the nicest anywhere. The Pipe is great fun. Get there first thing in the morning if you don't want to wait in line. You could also combine The Pipe and brunch. You gotta buy/get the ride up to the midway point when you buy tickets for The Pipe. So you might as well have brunch or just enjoy a drink and the view out on the terrace before doing The Pipe. Redeem all online reservations indoors in the guest relations office, to the right as you enter the resort complex.”
  • Aug 31, 2018: “Due to inclement weather and clouds socking-in the upper elevations, we did not have an opportunity to ride the gondolas at Banff or Jasper, so this was our last opportunity. It was a blue sky day and we were able to buy our tickets on the spot with only a short wait to ride. The parking lot is large and it is free to park, as you park with the resort guests. It was early enough so that the lines were not too long yet. The Revelstoke Gondola is at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort, but non-guests like us could ride as well. We enjoyed the ride up and the view of the town and the river with the mountains behind was very nice. We were a teeny bit disappointed that the gondola only went halfway up the mountain, or at least that appeared to be the case. There is also a 'pipe' ride available, where one rider sits in an open car which straddles a pipeline, as it runs down the mountain side. This is a separate admission from the gondola, or you can buy a combo package. You may also choose to buy a package that includes the gondola ride and breakfast in a special dining room away from the gondola equipment. This is where the restrooms up there are. Bring a jacket as it can be breezy at the gondola area. And the sun is intense so sunscreen might be important as well.”

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