British Columbia’s wilderness inspired the Great Bear Rainforest film. Find out how the big screen can lead to real-life adventure with these iconic BC experiences.

Glacier National Park | David Gluns

Breathe Mountain Air

While these colossal formations may have stood still since the dawn of time, experiencing them is sure to move you.

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Capilano Suspension Bridge | Destination Canada

Wander through ancient groves

From Haida Gwaii to Stanley Park, British Columbia’s rainforests overflow with raw wilderness.

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Eagle Wing Tours | Valerie Shore

Journey to the water's edge

The sandy beaches and dramatic cliffs of the Pacific coastline shape British Columbia’s geography and way of life.

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Howe Sound | Patrice Halley

Experience Indigenous Culture

Immerse yourself in the culture, traditions, and stories of the First Nations of BC.

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Explore our Cities

In British Columbia, nature shapes culture. The lively energy of our towns and neighbourhoods is endlessly fueled by the wild that surrounds us.

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