Thunderbird Park, Victoria
(James O'Mara photo)


Aboriginal Experiences

Parliament Buildings, Victoria (Rohan Zanzibar/Tourism Victoria photo)

Parliament Buildings, Victoria (Rohan Zanzibar/Tourism Victoria photo)

The establishment of Fort Victoria in 1843 may have marked European settlement on this southern tip of Vancouver Island, but Aboriginals have inhabited this area for thousands of years.

Through the ages, the Coast Salish people of southern Vancouver Island have shared knowledge by gathering together and telling stories – just as museums in Victoria do today.

For a comprehensive account of human activity on Vancouver Island over thousands of years, spend a day at the Royal BC Museum immersed in the human and natural history of British Columbia, including a dramatically-lit gallery of Aboriginal masks and a ceremonial big house. Visit Thunderbird Park to see colourful carved totem poles outdoors and stop by galleries and shops along Government Street to browse for Aboriginal artwork.

Outside of Victoria, there are many more Aboriginal experiences on Vancouver Island.

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