New Hazelton and Area

'Ksan Historical Village and Museum

(Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC photo)

The Hazelton

Things to Do

Two hikers admiring the views (Picture BC photo)

Two hikers admiring the views (Picture BC photo)

The tall mountains, lush and large forests, and four fishing rivers within the Hazeltons area offer a limitless number of activities for outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife lovers.

Culture seekers and historians are also attracted to the area for its unique Aboriginal and cultural sites, accessible pioneer past, and authentic festivals and events. The world renowned 'Ksan Historical Village and Museum, an impressive replica of a former Gitxsan village from the 1800s, is located here. 

As the Hazeltons consists of various communities, exploring the area on a scenic drive is a great way to experience the region. Every visitor should take a day or two to drive among the Hazeltons' communities and explore each one thoroughly. Not only are the communities worth visiting, the wilderness in between makes for great scenery and wildlife viewing.

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