RED Mountain Resort | Ashley Voykin

Road Trip! Multi-Mountain Ski Adventure

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RED Mountain Resort | Ashley Voykin

Did someone say road trip? BC’s multitude of mountain ranges and microclimates are made for boarding, skiing, and exploring: Roll along lush valley floors flanked by mountains rising more than a vertical mile above. Drive over passes where snowbanks tower high. Roll alongside big rivers. Slow to a crawl while bighorn sheep cross the road. Pull into the next awesome destination—whether a master-planned family resort or a cool little ski town—for fresh powder that billows apart like cold smoke, combed trails with breathtaking vistas beyond, and the sort of big, gravity-fueled turns that only wide-open spaces allow. Then find exceptional tacos, ramen, and pizza. Five-pin bowling and hot springs. Bean-to-bar chocolates and craft breweries galore. Road tripping the full Powder Highway is dream for many, but there are so many other great ways to slice BC’s powder pie. Did someone say road trip? Yes!

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