Quiz: Find Your Ideal Ski Adventure in BC

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Freestyle Skiing | Kari Medig

When it comes to extraordinary ski experiences, BC delivers a remarkably broad array: Feather-light snow and slopeside sleeps. Rugged ski towns with friendly locals, delicious eats, and thrilling steeps. The buzz of cosmopolitan ski culture…or surfing and skiing in the same week…or the nighttime drumbeat of Indigenous storytellers weaving mystical tales after a day spent weaving your skis or board through snowy trees.

BC skiing’s signature diversity builds on the province’s one-of-a-kind topography: Southern British Columbia is stacked from west to east with six major mountain chains. Each has its own climate and character, yet often stands mere minutes from the next. More ranges rise in the north. Tucked into these majestic mountain folds are 13 ski and snowboard resorts, 21 smaller ski areas, oodles of cool ski towns, and the world’s largest array of helicopter and snowcat skiing.

How to choose? It all comes down to what fills your dreams when you think of skiing and snowboarding. Maybe your perfect ski experience looks like sun-kissed boulevards groomed to perfection yet wholly lacking in crowds. Or majestic landscapes so extraordinary your mental chatter falls silent and every care slips away. Or powder, powder, and more powder for days. It’s all here, and more.

Whatever your vision, this quiz can help you find—and plan—your ideal ski adventure in BC.

What do you see in your ski vacation dreams?

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