Aerial view of Kitimat

(Picture BC)


Things to Do

Grizzly bear crossing a stream (Canadian Tourism Commission photo)

Grizzly bear crossing a stream (Canadian Tourism Commission photo)

Kitimat is beginning to gain significant recognition for its impressive number of easily accessible outdoor activities.

Advities range from freshwater and saltwater fishing and endless hiking opportunities to cross-country skiing.

The District also boasts several annual festivals and events, a number of sports facilities including two skating arenas, a full recreation centre with squash courts, and a new, recently renovated swimming pool with waterslides.

Water Activities

Kitimat is famous world-wide for its freshwater and saltwater fishing. Set along the Kitimat River, at the tip of the Pacific Ocean's Douglas Channel, near a variety of lakes and streams, Kitimat offers anglers a variety of fish to catch. All five species of Pacific salmon, steelhead, halibut, and many more fish swim in Kitimat's ocean waters.

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