Phoenix Mountain

View of Grand Forks from Hardy Mountain

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Grand Forks

Farms & Markets

Fresh produce

Grand Forks is an agricultural town surrounded by farms and orchards with a tradition that dates to the late 1800s when a few settlers came to the "Sunshine Valley" to take advantage of the fertile land.

Russian Influence

Mining spurred rapid growth and demand for agricultural production. The tradition was bolstered in 1909 with the arrival of the Doukhobors, Russian pacifists, who settled in communal farming "villages" and turned the valley into Fructova, the "fruit of the valley."

Root Crops & Seeds

Along with grains, market garden produce and fruit orchards, Grand Forks has been known for its production of root crops like carrots, onions and beets. The area was also once the major seed producer in Canada and a local initiative is under way to collect organic and heritage seed varieties.

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Things to Do

Food, Wine & Relaxation