Victoria's Inner Harbour

(Reuben Krabbe photo)




Scuba diver

Victoria is home to one of the Pacific Northwest’s best dive areas.

The area is known for its mild weather, easily accessible shore dives, interesting and challenging offshore sites and clear Pacific Ocean waters that offer an incredible variety of marine life.

Victoria supports an active dive community. On weekends, divers flock to shore dives like Ogden Point Breakwater or head out on charter boats to wreck sites, artificial reefs and offshore dive locations like Race Rocks.

Slip underwater and be awed by colourful, soft corals and anemones while massive cloud sponges look great in photos and provide perfect hiding spots for crabs, shrimp and fish. Poke around rock piles and cracks and you may come across a giant Pacific octopus or fierce-looking (but diver-friendly) wolf eels.

Giant kelp forests provide perfect cover for lingcod, rockfish and a multitude of small fish and invertebrates. Above the waves, California and Steller sea lions are often seen lounging on rocky islets or shoreline boulders.

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