7 Amazing Photos That Will Inspire a Victoria to Port Renfrew Road Trip

7 Amazing Photos That Will Inspire a Victoria to Port Renfrew Road Trip

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Few things in life are as fun as a road trip. To help you get inspired, @ryanfloodphoto is sharing photos of some of his favourite places to stop when travelling between Victoria and Port Renfrew.

One red and one blue outdoor chair sit on a rock, looking out at a snow-covered mountain.

“Taking in the view from the red and blue chairs on the rocks of McNeill Bay in Victoria. It’s a classic shot, but I wanted to catch it from a different angle to showcase the size of the Olympic Mountains.”

A small waterfall travels down a rocky embankment.

“A small hike from the Sooke Potholes parking lot and you’ll arrive at Mary Vine Falls. Always best to view in the spring, when the snow melt is raging down from the hills.”

A lighthouse sits at the edge of the ocean under an overcast sky.

“Stopping at the Sheringham Point Lighthouse in Port Renfrew. You can often spot whales and otters here.”

A wooden boardwalk winds through a misty green forest.

“Journeying through the fog in Juan De Fuca Provincial Park, but took my time in the forest. I captured some of my favourite shots on misty hikes here, including this one.”

A woman is dwarfed, standing under an impossibly tall tree.

“Exploring the back roads in Port Renfrew, we paid a visit to Big Lonely Doug. It’s so big. I asked my wife to stand at the base of the trunk for scale. She’s the blue dot.”

A brightly lit tent is pitched at the edge of the water under a starry sky.

“Ringing in the New Year, in our home away from home, with nothing but the stars keeping us company. Just the way we like it.”

About @ryanfloodphoto:

“Originally from PEI and now living in Victoria, I like to use photography as a reason to explore this beautiful Island and the surrounding areas. This week, I’ll be sharing some of the places to stop along the way from Victoria to Port Renfrew—one of my favourite drives on the Island.”

To see more of Ryan’s work, visit his website:

Featured image: People kayaking near Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Site in Victoria. Photo: Reuben Krabbe