5 Things to Do Between Mount Robson and Kamloops

Things to do Between Mount Robson and Kamloops

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When traveling through BC, there’s no shortage of beautiful sights, fun activities and rich history to take in along the way. With waterfalls, parks, river safaris and historic monuments, the journey from Mount Robson to Kamloops is no exception. Here are some great suggestions of things to do, courtesy of the staff at the British Columbia Visitor Centre @ Mount Robson.

1. Check out the waterfalls on the Fraser River

A small waterfall in a rocky riverbed.

Rearguard Falls, Mount Robson Provincial Park. Photo: mjsmith01 via Flickr

There are only two waterfalls on the Fraser River, and both can be accessed from short, easy trails near Mount Robson Provincial Park. Overlander Falls can be accessed via two different routes: the first is a trail just 2 km (1.2 mi) from the BC Visitor Centre at Mount Robson and the other (slightly longer) route starts nearby at the Robson Meadows Campground. The latter route follows the Fraser River and comes with several beautiful views of the canyon below. Located downriver from Overlander Falls, Rearguard Falls is a great place to stop and stretch your legs. It’s also one of the best places to watch the Chinook Salmon jumping, beginning in early August. It only takes about 10 minutes to get to the falls from the trailhead, which is located 12 km (7.5 mi) southwest of the visitor centre.

Insider Trip: If you’re visiting during summer, remember to bring your mosquito spray!

2. Visit Wells Gray Provincial Park

A stunning waterfall in a protected basin.

Helmcken Falls, Wells Gray Provincial Park. Photo: Alaskan Dude via Flickr

Well’s Gray Provincial Park is located in central BC, about one hour and 20 minutes from Blue River. Amazing hikes, picturesque alpine meadows, and gorgeous waterfalls fill this 541,516-ha (1,338,115-ac) park. Enjoy self-guided walks or take advantage of the local guiding companies providing fishing, canoeing, horseback riding, and rafting tours. One of the most popular spots in the park is Helmcken Falls, a 141-m (463-ft) tall waterfall – three times the height of Niagara Falls! The falls are viewable up-close-and-personal via an 8-km (4.9-mi) hike, or from a public viewing platform that you can drive and park very close to.

3. Stop at the Louis Creek Fire Monument

In 2003, a raging wildfire devastated Louis Creek, a small community located just under an hour from Wells Gray Provincial Park. The resulting damage can still be seen in the hillsides around the areas from Louis Creek to Barrier. On your way through the area, be sure to stop in and see the Wildfire Dragon Monument and Spirit Square, just off Highway 5. This powerful piece is dedicated to those afflicted by the raging fire, as well as to the brave individuals who battled the blaze and helped in re-building and coping with the aftermath of this tragic event. It’s well worth the stop to learn as you stroll about the peaceful landscape.

4. Take the McLure Ferry and Backroute to Kamloops

A river winds through a lush landscape under a sunny sky.

11 years after the last major fire in the Barrier region. Photo: Grempz via Flickr

Take the ferry at McLure, 45 minutes from Kamloops, for a gorgeous drive along the back route to Kamloops. The ferry takes about five minutes, and operates daily. This route offers a scenic alternative to the highway, as you skirt the edge of the scenic Lac du Bois grasslands protected area. Lac du Bois is BC’s newest grasslands protected area, and boasts impressive cliffs, canyons, forests, vistas, and rolling hills. As you enjoy this lovely drive along the North Thompson River, traveling south through unique and photo-worthy ecosystems, be sure to watch for local birds and wildlife.