Interior Plateau

Half-day, 316.32 km (196.55 mi)

The countryside surrounding Anahim Lake and Nimpo Lake is vast, wild and perfect for exploring by car, truck or recreational vehicle.

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Part 1

Anahim Lake to Towdystan

Head east from Anahim Lake. A few kilometers east of Nimpo Lake, along the Dean River, watch for a paved pullout on the north side where a plaque commemorates one of the battles in the “Chilcotin War.” Farther along the highway is one of many “cattle guards.” While vehicles can cross easily these welded metal tubes, cattle will not.

To the right is a quaint old barn indicating Towdystan. Towdystan was a major supply stop in the area’s early ranching days. The road off to the south leads to Charlotte Lake, where fishing and birdwatching are prominent pastimes. Many communities in addition to Towdystan along Highway 20 were initially supply centres, including Nimpo Lake, Anahim Lake, Tatla Lake, and Alexis Creek.

Part 2

Side Trip Near Tatla Lake

Gravel roads, some well maintained and others a bit rough, intermittently intersect the highway and lead to spectacular backcountry areas. The Tatlayoko Road just east of Tatla Lake is definitely worth exploring. This 80km/50mi route to the Potato Mountain Range passes the northern end of Chilko Lake Provincial Park and its numerous high elevation lakes. Here, ice caves and fossils are evidence of an ancient seabed. Great hiking trails criss-cross the countryside.

Part 3

Fraser River and Hoodoos

Near the end of the trip, the highway dips down across the Fraser River heading towards Williams Lake. Hoodoos (ancient rock spires) rise above the muddy waters. The photo opportunities are endless.

Driving Directions

Part 1 - Vancouver
  • 6.25 km
  • 12 min
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