Family Hiking near Courtenay

(Mount Washington Alpine Resort photo)


Spas & Wellness

Outdoor massage  (Albert Normandin photo)

Outdoor massage (Albert Normandin photo)

The spa is the temple of 21st Century health, fitness and eternal youth.

In a flurry of healing oils, exotic massages, algae wraps and miracle elixirs, hotels and resorts are tripping over to out-bliss one another. Spa has sneaked into the lexicon as a verb. Pamphlets instruct initiates on how to spaaaah. Courtenay keeps up. Its spas set the bar for the Comox Valley. And keep raising it.

Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa

Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa is a luxury resort on the scenic Strait of Georgia shore. It scores heavily with its first-in-Canada Pacific Mist Hydropath treatment. This brings into play massage, eight separate spa stations and the therapies of remineralization, detoxification and relaxation.

Spa lovers are plainly besotted as they venture into sandstone caves and pools, and through indoor rainfalls to glacial waterfalls eliciting un-spa-like screeches. The finale takes place in tidal baths. West coast mud and seaweed run the toxins out of town.

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