Family Hiking near Courtenay

(Mount Washington Alpine Resort photo)


Beaches & Swimming

Kids swimming (Picture BC photo)

Kids swimming (Picture BC photo)

The blissful beaches of the Comox Valley rank among Vancouver Island's best.

Endless beach, including the renowned Goose Spit Regional Park, flanks the town of Comox. The tide at Saratoga and Miracles Beaches rolls out 300m/984ft, almost as far as the eye can see, leaving a playground of packed sand, ideal swimming conditions and spellbinding marine life in tidal pools.

Clean, safe beaches invite watersports including wakeboarding, kite-surfing, waterskiing, windsurfing, snorkelling and even beach fishing for wild salmon.

Goose Spit

It only sounds unromantic: Goose Spit Regional Park is a simitar of sand sweeping out into Comox Harbour. The wind comes up in late afternoon, windsurfer sails punctuating the horizon. At dusk, Goose Spit is the place to catch a Comox sunset, especially for photographers. And, pssssst, Goose Spit is the insider's choice for a midnight walk under the full moon.

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