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British Columbia’s big backyard inspires introspective personal journeys and unbridled adventures. Our cities, set on the doorstep of the wild, make it easy to step further into nature and explore the endless possibilities of the outdoors. Our people connect explorers with unexpected moments that renew the human spirit.

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Where Nature is Nurtured

From massive mountain ranges and windswept beaches to rainforests overflowing with life, discover how BC’s diverse landscapes shape our people and culture.

Takaya Tours | Jonny Bierman/Indigenous Tourism BC

Celebrate National Indigenous History Month

June is National Indigenous History Month, a month to recognize and celebrate the cultures and contributions of Indigenous peoples in Canada. From all over the world, people can participate in #IndigenousBC virtual events filled with cultural sharing to earn a deeper understanding and appreciation of the diverse Indigenous cultures in British Columbia.

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Whale watching off the coast of Prince Rupert | Northern BC Tourism/Shayd Johnson

Find Things To Do In Your Health Zone

BC residents, find local attractions, guided tours, parks, and more.

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Victoria's Inner Harbour | Reuben Krabbe

Travel Deals in BC

Planning a future trip in BC? Discover more than 100 offers and travel deals to save on your next BC getaway.

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