View of downtown 100 Mile House

(Picture BC photo)

100 Mile House


100 Mile House is located on a plateau in south-central British Columbia, within the South Cariboo part of the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region.

Highway 97 runs through the centre of town, which is 458km/284mi northeast of Vancouver and 95km/60mi south of Williams Lake.

Grasslands, Forest and Desert

The countryside in and around the community is quite diverse and ideal for outdoor activities. Parts of the area are covered in rich grasslands and thick forests, overlaying ancient lava beds. To the west of 100 Mile, there is the rocky, desert-like terrain of the Fraser River canyon region, and to the east, the lush rainforest of the Cariboo Mountains in Wells Gray Provincial Park.

While forests and grasslands predominate, the mountains are not far away. Just 21km/13mi south of 100 Mile House, towering Mt. Begbie Lookout provides excellent views as far as Wells Gray Provincial Park in the northeast and the Marble Range to the southwest.

Wetlands and Parks

The plateau on which 100 Mile House sits (at 930m/3,051ft elevation) is covered by hundreds of lakes and wetlands of varying sizes. This network forms part of the Fraser Basin drainage system, which contributes to 100 Mile's excellent fishing and bird-watching opportunities.

Many residents make their homes on acreages rather than subdivisions in town. As such, 100 Mile has a more relaxed, rural feel that's not that far from the town centre.

Nearby parks add to the diverse eco-culture here, and abundant four-season outdoor adventure opportunities abound and are enjoyed by locals and visitors. Various community organizations have developed and maintain literally hundreds of kilometres of multi-use trails for hiking, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, horseback riding and ATVing.

Climate and Weather

The climate is relatively dry, with warm, summer days and cool nights. Daytime temperatures often reach 30°C/86°F and average rainfall is 294mm/11.5in.

Winter can bring icy temperatures, dipping down as far as -40°C/-40°F with an annual snowfall of 150cm/59in. Visitors are cautioned that winter temperatures and weather extremes are common, as are fogs bringing low visibility. Cars or trucks should be winterized and equipped with snowchains, and drivers should be extra cautious during these cold snaps.