Visitors at the Ucluelet Aquarium
(Brendan van Son photo)



Ucluelet sits at the southern end of the Ucluth Peninsula on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island.

Set between rainforest and ocean with a moderate climate, it's one of Canada's great year-round travel destinations. Its wild and varied geography defines it, and a meandering coast pocked with craggy cliffs, hidden coves, more than a hundred islands and often tempestuous seas promise adventure on every level. And talk about immediate – the Wild Pacific Trail, window to the wilderness, starts right in town.

Year-Round Destination

Ucluelet highlights include the great grey whale migration in March-April, some of the world's finest salmon and halibut fishing in summer, surfing all year long, and in winter, the spectator sport of storm-watching, as  wind and waves crash ashore from the open Pacific Ocean.

Climate & Weather

Ucluelet enjoys a wet maritime climate, mild and slightly humid through the year, making it a year-round destination unique in Canada. Winter comes defined by the storms that routinely slam into the island. Count on at least 15 whoppers every month during the otherwise mild cooler season.

Daily average temperatures vary from 4.5°C/40°F in January to 14.4°C/58°F in July. Daily maximums run from 7.6°C/45°F in January to 18.5°C/65°F in July. Annual precipitation totals 300cm/120in. The important thing to remember is that although the yearly variances in weather are not great, the daily variances can spontaneously call for layering up and carrying rain gear.