Kamloops BC Canada

Tips for Fishing around Kamloops

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Fishing isn’t something I thought I would love, but it’s grown on me over the past couple of years. It doesn’t hurt to live in Kamloops, one of the best areas for fishing in the province. I can get on the road and drive 20 minutes in any direction from Kamloops and I will arrive at a lake.

A woman fishing on a riverbank surrounded by trees.

Casting my line at a local lake.

Relaxing on a dock, or in a boat, while casting a line out into the water on a sunny day has become one of my preferred ways to spend an afternoon. There is something so relaxing about it. Over the last few years, fishing has become a fun summer hobby for my husband and I. We have our favourite spots to go fishing around Kamloops; however, we do it more for relaxation and fun and we rarely actually snag a bite.

So to get some real tips and tricks on fishing, I called up Mike Porco, the owner of Desert North Adventures (DNA) Fly Fishing, to find out how to catch a big Rainbow Trout, which is the only fish stocked in Kamloops and surrounding area lakes.

A small fishing boat bobs in a lake under a cloudy sky.

Fishing at Jacko Lake, 10 minutes outside of Kamloops.

Boat or no boat?

According to Mike, the first thing to consider is whether you will have access to a boat or not. If you do have a boat, the opportunities are endless with around 100 lakes within a one-hour drive of Kamloops.

Top places to go

If you are looking to do shore fishing, Mike recommends Jacko Lake, Edith Lake, McConnell Lake, Walloper Lake, Morgan Lake and 6 Mile Lake. We’ve fished at Jacko Lake and Edith Lake many times, and while we’re yet to get a bite at either lake, they are both very close to Kamloops and beautiful places to spend an afternoon. I personally have never been fly-fishing, but according to Mike, it’s the way to go when you’re fishing around Kamloops.

A fishing boat in a lake under a clear sky.

Fishing on Edith Lake, 10 minutes outside of Kamloops.

Tips and Tricks

Mike told me the most productive times to fish are the spring and fall. During the hot summer months like July and August, visit lakes at a higher elevation because when the water reaches a certain temperature, the fish go deep to stay cool and are harder to catch. According to him, if you know the right size and colour for bait (match them to the bugs fish are eating), you can sit there and catch fish all day long!

Fishing Operators in the area

Through his business, Desert North Adventures Fly Fishing, Mike offers guided fishing trips for everyone from a beginner fisherman to an experienced angler. Get a full list of fishing operators on Tourism Kamloops‘ website here.

The Kamloops Visitor Cenre lends out rods and tackle boxes for free through the Go Fish BC – Rod Loan Program. So don’t let not having the gear stop you from heading out on the lakes when you visit Kamloops.