The Salmon Arm Wharf
(Picture BC photo)

Salmon Arm

Things to Do

Kids swimming (Picture BC photo)

Kids swimming (Picture BC photo)

Salmon Arm lies on the shores of Shuswap Lake, a primary focus for outdoor recreation, while the surrounding highlands and mountains add depth to the recreational menu.

Salmon Arm also offers a selection of historic and cultural attractions.

Natural Sights, Parks & Wildlife

Get out the binoculars and telephoto lenses around Salmon Arm Bay, a vital wetland unique in the BC Interior. Home to the largest breeding colony of western grebes in the province, it's also a nesting ground and resting area for migrating birds. Some 250 of the 500 species known in BC make use of this marshland each year.

Hike the short trail to Margaret Falls in Herald Provincial Park for a look at old growth cedars, the 61m/200ft waterfall and more birds. Follow the shoreline of the Adams River in Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park to witness the spectacle of the Adams River Sockeye Salmon Run. Motor up the Seymour Arm of Shuswap Lake and beach the boat for a hike to spectacular Albas Falls.

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