Pemberton farmland
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The Pony Espresso Cafe (The Pony Espresso Cafe, Pemberton (Picture BC photo)

The Pony Espresso Cafe (The Pony Espresso Cafe, Pemberton (Picture BC photo)

Located in a vast, green-belt valley in the Coast Mountains, Pemberton (pop 2,600) is an easy 2.5-hour drive from Vancouver, 35km/22mi north of Whistler. 

Although just a 20-minute drive from the famous four-season resort, Pemberton still retains an outdoorsy, small-town feel.

The valley's rich farming and First Nations heritage has long-established a self-sufficiency, while the surrounding wilderness also offers year-round outdoor recreation from mountain biking and jet boating to fishing, golf, horseback riding and soaring.

Pemberton's accommodations and restaurants are an inviting blend of upscale comfort and homespun hospitality. Despite being Canada's fastest growing rural community, Pemberton exudes a palpable pride at retaining its firmly-rooted, backcountry vibe.

Pemberton's easy access to out-of-the-ordinary wilderness makes it the preferred choice for die-hard outdoor sportspeople and extreme adventurers. Better still, small parts of that wilderness have been tamed so that visitors of all ages and abilities can get a feel for their wild side.

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