Eagle Eye Adventures

Bird Watching, Whale Watching, Wildlife Tours, Accessibility

1003 Island Highway Unit 1003D, Campbell River, British Columbia, V9W 8C7

Eagle Eye Adventures Accessibility

This business has self-assessed as having the following accessible attributes. Please contact the business directly for further detail if required.


Activities & Transportation
  • Key activities are accessible to guests using mobility devices
  • Accessible spaces have clear views of the main activity (i.e. stage, viewing area)

Cognitive & Sensory Friendly

Overall Space
  • Nonslip floor surfaces with minimal reflection


Emergency Plan
  • System in place for guests to contact a staff member for help if required
  • Emergency plan includes staff trained to provide in-person assistance for people with mobility, visual, and hearing requirements
Service Dogs
  • Staff have been trained on guide and service dog policies
Additional Information

Our Covered boat is wheelchair accessible,(the guests need to move from a wheelchair onto the boat seat.)

The First in the World Certified Responsible Whale Watching Company. Eagle Eye Adventures is a company that specializes in offering whale watching and wildlife tours in the coastal waters of British Columbia, Canada. The company operates from the town of Campbell River on Vancouver Island, which is known for its abundant marine life and stunning scenery. Eagle Eye Adventures’ whale-watching tours are led by experienced guides who use their knowledge of the local ecosystem to help guests spot and learn about various species of whales, including humpback whales, orcas, and gray whales. The tours also provide opportunities to see other marine wildlife, such as dolphins, sea lions, and bald eagles. In addition to whale watching, Eagle Eye Adventures also offers bear-watching tours, where guests can observe black bears in their natural habitat, as well as wildlife eco-tours that focus on the diverse flora and fauna of the region.