Karen Cooper Gallery

Art Galleries, Accessibility

1506 Duranleau Street Granville Island, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6H 3S4

Karen Cooper Gallery Accessibility

This business has self-assessed as having the following accessible attributes. Please contact the business directly for further detail if required.


  • Entrance has no steps or if there are one or more steps, there is non-slip ramp with a maximum of 5% slope
  • Entry route has a door that is at minimum 815 mm wide


Overall Space
  • Multiple lighting sources to improve visibility
  • Staff are available to accompany guests through the venue as a guide, and to describe the sights

Cognitive & Sensory Friendly

Overall Space
  • Neutral or muted colours that are calming and subdued
  • Subtle and/or natural lighting, no florescent or harsh lighting, and no dark shadows
  • Minimal visual clutter and obstacles
  • Nonslip floor surfaces with minimal reflection
  • Fragrance-free areas
  • Staff are available to accompany guests through the venue as a guide, and to describe the sights
Additional Information

We have a wheelchair ramp for easy access to the space as well as an open concept throughout to accommodate wheelchairs.

Since 2010, the Karen Cooper Gallery has resided on historic Granville Island, Vancouver’s premiere art and artisan district. The gallery invites all to reflect on the mosaic of elegant landscapes and wildlife which portray British Columbia’s diverse and luxurious natural beauty. As an artwork which occupies space, these landscapes eternally preserve our endless sense of wonder toward the complexity of the natural world. The gallery combines the timeless desire for exploration with fine art practices to produce an immersive visual narrative of the ever-changing wilderness. The Karen Cooper Gallery is where one can find a moment to connect with and reflect on the grandeur of the local natural world.