Trapped Coquitlam - Real Life Escape Games

Attractions, Accessibility

1300 Woolridge St Unit 9, Coquitlam, British Columbia, V3K 6Y6

Trapped Coquitlam - Real Life Escape Games Accessibility

This business has self-assessed as having the following accessible attributes. Please contact the business directly for further detail if required.


Overall Space
  • Braille/large print signage for all publicly accessible areas
  • Braille/large print restaurant menus, brochures and documents available
  • Audio description headsets available for presentations, films or movies
  • Customer service staff have been trained, and prepared to verbally describe rooms, menus, business amenities and contracts/waivers in detail
  • Staff are available to accompany guests through the venue as a guide, and to describe the sights

Cognitive & Sensory Friendly

Overall Space
  • Cognitive- and sensory-friendly information is included on the website
  • Neutral or muted colours that are calming and subdued
  • Surfaces, window coverings, and décor with minimal glare or reflection, as well as minimal use of bold patterns, shapes, or stripes
  • Subtle and/or natural lighting, no florescent or harsh lighting, and no dark shadows
  • Minimal visual clutter and obstacles
  • Door handles have colour contrast with the body of the door; doors and frames have colour contrast with adjacent walls; any glass doors are marked to make them clearly visible
  • Staff are available to accompany guests through the venue as a guide, and to describe the sights
Signs & Navigation
  • Directional signs at key decision points, including main entrances, restrooms, lounges, and reception desks
  • Signs are clear and concise, in large, plain font with good contrast between text and background
  • Signs are well lit
  • Signs have minimal glare or reflection


Emergency Plan
  • System in place for guests to contact a staff member for help if required
High Speed Internet Service
  • Business has high-speed internet service available for video application use

Experience Canada’s fastest growing real-life escape room in Coquitlam, BC! We can’t wait for you to experience our adventures! Escape rooms are an interactive, challenging and fun way to spend an hour with friends, family and/or co-workers. Experience the hottest new trend in date nights, birthday parties both young and old, family fun and corporate team building. We can host groups from as small as 2 people all the way up to 100 or more in our modern facility. You have one hour and two hints to find clues, figure out puzzles and escape. Do you have what it takes or will you be Trapped?