Skiing powder at Big White
(Big White Ski Resort photo)

Big White Ski Resort

Transportation & Maps

Big White Resort is located 56km/35mi from Kelowna.

Take Highway 33 to the Big White Road junction. Follow Big White Road 24km/15mi to the resort. The entire route is paved, but mountain roads can suffer from frost heaves and get rough.

Car Travel

The first section of the drive is through open cattle rangeland with views of Okanagan Lake near Kelowna. But most of the route involves plenty of hills, tight curves, switchbacks and steep drop-offs with few places to pass. Be patient, especially behind snow ploughs. Pay attention to posted speed signs on curves. Enjoy the forest scenery and glimpses of the West Kettle River.

Sections of Highway 33 are marked as deer crossings. Keep a careful lookout, particularly early in the morning and at dusk. Deer-auto collisions are sadly common.

Winter tires or chains are required during the winter season. Road conditions at higher elevations can be treacherous even when excellent in the valley.

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