Painted mural in Chemainus

(Adrian Dorst photo)


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Glass artwork (Danielle Hayes photo)

Glass artwork (Danielle Hayes photo)

Chemainus, known as "Muraltown," is famous as a trailblazer of the open-air mural art form that has subsequently been embraced by dozens of communities worldwide.

There are more than 40 murals in Chemainus, making this town a massive outdoor art gallery.

It should come as no surprise that a town internationally celebrated for its wall-spanning murals is also a hotbed for arts and artists. The main shopping stretch along Chemainus' Willow Street is home to a collection of first-rate galleries.

The Chemainus Theatre's gift shop features the work of 100 artisans. And while ambitious plans to turn the town into a bona fide arts colony haven't come to fruition, art is very definitely a central fact of life here.

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