Hot Springs Circle Route

Mount Revelstoke National Park

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Hot Springs Circle Route

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1 week, 851.59 km (529.15 mi)

Halcyon Hot Springs near Nakusp (Dave Heath photo)
Halcyon Hot Springs near Nakusp (Dave Heath photo)

Journey from enchanting hot springs to rugged mountain wilderness. With stops to soak in luxurious, mineral-rich pools, this route is easy to travel and offers everything from railway history to outdoor adventure.

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Downtown Cranbrook, Picture BC photo
Part 1

29.04 km - about 0 hours 26 min

Begin your tour in Cranbrook, which has transformed from a thriving railway town to become the largest city in the Kootenay Rockies. Fuelled by the railway, the city’s 19th century heritage homes reject the opulence of the city’s early years. Visit the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel’s award-winning collection of restored railcars and locomotives, as well as the spectacular 1906 Royal Alexandra Hall.

Drive north along Highway 95A to Kimberley.

Kimberley Platzl, David Gluns photo
Part 2

95.92 km - about 1 hours 15 min

Kimberley is a Bavarian-themed community with a four-season alpine resort. This former mining town is now home to Canada’s largest free-standing cuckoo clock. In summer, listen to the sound of polka on the Platzl (the city’s downtown pedestrian centre).

Head north on Highway 93/95 to Fairmont Hot Springs.

Part 3
Fairmont Hot Springs and Lussier Hot Springs

24.11 km - about 0 hours 19 min

Just south of Fairmont Hot Springs, in Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park, are the natural Lussier hot springs. These hot mineral pools sit beside the Lussier River and are accessible via a forest service road.

Fairmont’s year-round, crystal clear hot springs pools beckon travellers into their steamy, mineral-rich waters. The resort also offers golfing, skiing, hiking, biking, horseback riding and spa services.

Continue north to Invermere and Windemere Lake.

Downtown Invermere, Picture BC photo
Part 4
Invermere and Windemere Lake

13.08 km - about 0 hours 11 min

Invermere and Windermere Lake are great summer destinations. In downtown Invermere, browse through charming shops and visit the Pynelogs Cultural Centre, which hosts theatrical productions, concerts and workshops year-round. Nearby, Panorama Mountain Village is a four-season resort that offers many outdoor pursuits, including hiking, biking, rafting, golfing, skiing, heli-skiing, snowmobiling and more.

Continue north to enjoy more of the region's hot springs.

Radium Hot Springs, Canadian Rockies Hot Springs/Brenda Falvey photo
Part 5
Radium Hot Springs

103.17 km - about 1 hours 19 min

Radium Hot Springs, located in Kootenay National Park, is one of the largest hot spring mineral pools in Canada. Soak away your tensions while gazing up at the red cliffs of Sinclair Canyon. Keep watch for bighorn sheep, which have long been local residents of the community.

Continue north on Highway 95 to Golden.

Backcountry Lodge in Glacier National Park near Golden, David Gluns photo
Part 6

80.84 km - about 1 hours 4 min

Golden is set on the banks of the Columbia River – North America’s largest wetland. The town is well known for its backcountry lodges and being a centre of outdoor adventure.

After exploring the town (and the wilderness that surrounds it), take Highway 1 east to Rogers Pass.

Rogers Pass Discovery Centre, David Gluns photo
Part 7
Rogers Pass and Canyon Hot Springs

68.82 km - about 0 hours 52 min

Rogers Pass, between Golden and Revelstoke, is one of BC’s great mountain crossings. Hiking, picnicking, wildlife viewing and a visit to the Rogers Pass Visitor Centre may be your summer highlight. Set in the Columbia Mountains between Glacier and Mount Revelstoke national parks is Canyon Hot Springs, which has two natural mineral hot pools – great for relieving the aches of travelling. Continue east to Revelstoke.

Three Valley Gap, David Gluns photo
Part 8

103.07 km - about 1 hours 47 min

During the 19th century mining boom, Columbia River sternwheelers connected the rugged town of Revelstoke to the railway. Today, walk through the alpine city to see some 60 restored period buildings and the fascinating Revelstoke Railway Museum. Nearby, drive to alpine meadows in Mount Revelstoke National Park or stroll past hundreds of hand-crafted folk art figurines on the Enchanted Forest’s Wild Land Interpretive Walk. Also nearby is unique ghost town of 3 Valley Gap and the waterfalls at Crazy Creek Waterfalls.

Drive south on Highway 23 to Halcyon and Naksup hot springs.

Nakusp Hot Springs, Picture BC photo
Part 9
Halcyon and Nakusp Hot Springs

46.25 km - about 0 hours 38 min

Halcyon resort features four mineral-rich pools and plenty of adventure opportunities. In the village of Nakusp, the local museum highlights the town’s pioneer history. For a peaceful retreat, stroll along the waterfront Japanese gardens, and then enjoy a dip in the soothing hot springs.

After soaking in the springs, hop back in the car for the journey south to New Denver.

Sandon, David Gluns photo
Part 10
New Denver

56.04 km - about 0 hours 59 min

New Denver and Silverton sit on the eastern shore of Slocan Lake where you’ll find museums, artisan studios and plenty of outdoor activity options. In New Denver, visit the Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre, a museum that pays tribute to the internment of Japanese Canadians during World War II. Hike or bike along an abandoned rail line as part of the Galena Trail. Start this easy 13-km/8-mi trail from Three Forks or the lakeshore at Rosebery. And visit Sandon, a historic gold rush ghost town that once was once known as the “Monte Carlo of the North.”

Follow Hwy 31A to Kaslo.

SS Moyie in Kaslo, David Gluns photo
Part 11

20.91 km - about 0 hours 21 min

Kaslo's natural harbour once bustled with activity as ore-barges, rowboats, steamships and sternwheelers jostled for a place alongside the busy wharf. Tour the SS Moyie, the oldest surviving sternwheeler in the world. Launched in 1898, the sternwheeler is one of the most significant preserved steam passenger vessels in North America. A must see!

Continue south towards Balfour.

Ainsworth Hot Springs
Part 12
Ainsworth Hot Springs and Kootenay Lake Ferry

29.92 km - about 1 hours 6 min

Continue south along Highway 31 to Ainsworth Hot Springs to sink into soothing mineral waters. This unique hot springs has a horseshoe shaped cave, which is lined with stalagmites and stalactites. Explore the cave or relax in the main pool that overlooks picturesque Kootenay Lake.

Take the free Kootenay Lake ferry across to Crawford Bay (a lively artists' community) and then travel on Highway 3A to Creston.

Kootenay Lake Ferry, David Gluns photo
Part 13

180.42 km - about 2 hours 22 min

Creston is well known for its orchards and brewery, which produces Kokanee beer. Plan a visit to the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area – a refuge for more than 250 bird species. Take the boardwalk trail to a three-story viewing tower or enjoy the nature programs at the Interpretive Centre before returning to the start point of Cranbrook.

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 City  Visitor Centre  Driving Route

Driving Directions

Part 1 - Cranbrook - 29.04 km - about 0 hours 26 min

Head northeast on Crowsnest Trail/Van Horne St N/BC-3 E/BC-95 N toward 1 St NContinue to follow Crowsnest Trail/BC-3 E/BC-95 N

3.33 km

Take the exit toward Kimberley Hwy/BC-95A

0.22 km

Continue onto Kimberley Hwy/BC-95ADestination will be on the right

25.49 km
Part 2 - Kimberley - 95.92 km - about 1 hours 15 min

Auf Kimberley Hwy/Warren Ave/BC-95A nach Nordwesten Richtung Crerar St startenWeiter auf Kimberley Hwy/BC-95A

1.91 km

Rechts abbiegen auf Kimberley Hwy/Ross St/BC-95AWeiter auf Kimberley Hwy/BC-95A

27.73 km

Weiter auf Kootenay Hwy/BC-93 N/BC-95 N

66.28 km

Head north on Kootenay Hwy/BC-93 N/BC-95 N toward Riverview Rd

23.03 km

Turn right

0.92 km

Turn right

0.14 km

Keep rightDestination will be on the right

0.02 km
Part 4 - Invermere and Windemere Lake - 13.08 km - about 0 hours 11 min

Head west toward Kootenay Hwy/BC-93 N/BC-95 N

0.02 km

Turn right onto Kootenay Hwy/BC-93 N/BC-95 N

13.04 km

Turn right onto St Joseph StDestination will be on the right

0.01 km
Part 5 - Radium Hot Springs - 103.17 km - about 1 hours 19 min

Head northeast on St Joseph St toward Main St E

0.02 km

Turn left onto Main St E

0.20 km

Turn left toward Kootenay Hwy/BC-93 S

0.02 km

Turn left onto Kootenay Hwy/BC-93 S

0.02 km

Take the 1st right onto BC-95 S (signs for British Colombia 95 N)Destination will be on the right

102.91 km
Part 6 - Golden - 80.84 km - about 1 hours 4 min

Head north on 10th Ave S/BC-95 N toward 10 St S

1.46 km

Turn left onto BC-95 N

0.79 km

Turn left onto Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 W

78.58 km
Part 7 - Rogers Pass and Canyon Hot Springs - 68.82 km - about 0 hours 52 min

Auf Route Transcanadienne/Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 W nach Süden startenDas Ziel befindet sich auf der linken Seite.

68.82 km
Part 8 - Revelstoke - 103.07 km - about 1 hours 47 min

Head southwest on Nakusp Mica Creek Hwy/Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 W/BC-23 S toward Victoria Rd

1.13 km

Turn left onto Nakusp Mica Creek Hwy/BC-23 S (signs for Nakusp/Galena Bay)Continue to follow BC-23 S

48.95 km

Take the BC-23 S ferry

4.81 km

Continue straight to stay on BC-23 S

47.94 km

Turn left onto Broadway St W (signs for Vernon/Nelson/Castlegar)Destination will be on the left

0.25 km
Part 9 - Halcyon and Nakusp Hot Springs - 46.25 km - about 0 hours 38 min

Head east on Broadway St W toward 3 Ave NW

0.33 km

Turn left onto Nelson Ave N/BC-6 (signs for New Denver/Kaslo)Continue to follow BC-6

0.57 km

Sharp right onto BC-6 S (signs for Nelson/Castlegar)Destination will be on the left

45.35 km
Part 10 - New Denver - 56.04 km - about 0 hours 59 min

Head south on Union St/BC-6 S toward 6 Ave/BC-31A EContinue to follow BC-6 S

4.91 km

Head north on Lake Ave/BC-6 N toward 4 StContinue to follow BC-6 N

4.86 km

Turn right onto 6 Ave/BC-31A E (signs for British Columbia 31 Alternate)Continue to follow BC-31A E

45.98 km

Turn right onto A Ave/BC-31A EDestination will be on the left

0.29 km
Part 11 - Kaslo - 20.91 km - about 0 hours 21 min

Head southeast on A Ave/BC-31A E toward 6 StContinue to follow A Ave

0.58 km

Take the 3rd right onto 4th St/Balfour-Kaslo-Galena Bay Hwy/BC-31 SContinue to follow Balfour-Kaslo-Galena Bay Hwy/BC-31 S

20.33 km

Head south on Balfour-Kaslo-Galena Bay Hwy/BC-31 S

14.98 km

Turn left onto Ferry Landing Rd (signs for British Columbia 3A E/Creston/Kootenay Lake)

0.15 km

Take the Balfour, BC - Kootenay Bay, BC ferry to Riondel

8.87 km

Continue straight onto Ferry Ramp

0.07 km

Continue onto BC-3A S

5.85 km
Part 13 - Creston - 180.42 km - about 2 hours 22 min

Auf BC-3A S nach Süden starten

72.15 km

Weiter auf Crowsnest Trail/Northwest Blvd/BC-3 EWeiter auf Crowsnest Trail/BC-3 E

2.92 km

Auf Canyon St/Crowsnest Trail/BC-3 E nach Osten Richtung 11 Ave N startenWeiter auf Crowsnest Trail/BC-3 E

36.97 km

Links abbiegen auf Crowsnest Trail/BC-3 E/BC-95 N (Schilder nach Cranbrook)Das Ziel befindet sich auf der rechten Seite.

68.34 km