Evening at Apex Mountain Resort
(Don Weixl photo)

Apex Mountain Resort

Transportation & Maps

Apex Mountain Resort is located 33km/21mi southeast of Penticton.

From the Channel Parkway in Penticton, take Green Mountain Road for 22km/14mi. Turn on to Apex Mountain Road at Apex Guest Ranch and continue 11km/7mi to the resort. The entire route is paved, but mountain roads can suffer from frost heaves and get rough.

Car Travel

Most of the route involves hills, tight curves, switchbacks and steep drop-offs with few places to pass. Be patient, especially behind snow ploughs. Pay attention to posted speed signs on curves.

The village centre at Apex is pedestrian-friendly with no vehicles permitted. Vehicles are restricted to designated parking lots for day visitors. Beyond the village centre, vehicles are permitted on residential streets.

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Transportation & Maps

Apex Mountain Resort

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