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Photo: Jeremy Koreski

Top Chef Winner Brooke Williamson Travels to Canada to Sample The British Columbia Effect

Destination British Columbia releases short film featuring the travels of Top Chef winner Brooke Williamson

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We invited LA chef, restaurant owner, and Top Chef winner Brooke Williamson to discover the healing power of nature on a memorable trip to BC (and her first visit to our province).

Watch Brooke’s transformation in a five-minute short film, which launched worldwide on January 15, 2020, documenting her three-day experience in the wilderness of British Columbia.

Inspired by the scientific proof that as few as three days spent in nature can have significant impact on our well being, the film follows Williamson’s travel journey from LA to Vancouver and the transformation she experiences from spending time immersed in BC’s diverse landscapes—from rugged coastlines to ancient rainforests abundant with life—that that invite visitors to engage with the present moment, tap into a sense of calm, and awaken a renewed perspective on the world, and themselves —what locals have dubbed the British Columbia Effect.

Watch a one-minute preview below.

Photo: Jeremy Koreski
Preview: Discovering the British Columbia Effect

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“I feel very lucky to have been able to take this journey, to experience British Columbia and all of its beauty.”

– Brooke Williamson, Top Chef winner and restaurant owner

The short film encourages travellers to explore BC’s stunning natural scenery in the spring and fall when they can get closer to nature—and their happier, more creative selves. This research dovetails with wellness travel, a trend which is growing more than twice as fast as tourism overall (Source: Global Wellness Institute).

Want to learn more about how to experience the British Columbia Effect? Here’s are some inspiring stories to get you started.

Photo: Boomer Jerritt

The Soothing Benefits of BC's Coast

Interacting with blue spaces has repeatedly shown to have a positive impact on our mental health.

From rugged coastlines bordered by lush rainforest to serene waters dotted with scenic islands, let the blue serenity of BC’s coasts buff away at life’s tensions and flood you with mood-lifting neurochemicals.

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Photo: Jeremi Koreski

The Cleansing Effect of BC's Rainforest

Forest bathing is said to improve our health by exposing us to phytochemicals released by trees that boost our mood and build up our immune system.

Take in the lush greenery of BC’s temperate rainforest and observe your stress levels dissipate.

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Photo: Jeremy Koreski

The Unexpected Benefits from Watching Wildlife

British Columbia is teeming with life, abundant with opportunities for learning and transformation if you open your eyes—and yourself.

Tune into nature’s rhythms by closely observing its movements—and its stillness—and feel the therapeutic benefits of immersing yourself in the wilderness.

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Photo: Wilderness International/Erik van de Perre

Awaken Your Wild Side in BC's Mountains

Nature has a lasting effect on us and research shows that the bigger the nature, the better.

A retreat to one of BC’s ten majestic mountain ranges can teach and shape you by bringing clarity and a wider perspective.

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