Hiking on top of Whistler Mountain

(Blake Jorgenson photo)



Rail trips to Whistler are less about getting from A to B than they are opportunities to relax, sit back and enjoy some of the world's most breathtaking scenery.

The train ride along this spectacularly scenic route features canyons, mountain ranges, glacial lakes, turbulent rivers and waterfalls. The trip really is all about sightseeing: travelling speed averages just 50kph/30mph and the train moves even more slowly through particularly scenic areas.

Regional Rail Service

The Rocky Mountaineer Whistler Sea to Sky Climb (formerly known as the Whistler Mountaineer) is a three-hour, 118km/73mi sightseeing train trip between North Vancouver and the resort town of Whistler. Snake along the famous Sea-to-Sky corridor (Highway 99) and enjoy stunning views of Howe Sound, Squamish and Cheakamus Canyon before reaching the destination.

Make this a return day trip or extend the adventure through the Rockies by transferring to the Rocky Mountaineer Rainforest to Gold Rush route, a two-day, all daylight journey between Whistler, Quesnel and Jasper, Alberta.