Vanderhoof's Big River Country

Fishing at Cheslatta Falls

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Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-Country skiing (Dave Heath photo)

Cross-Country skiing (Dave Heath photo)

Vanderhoof's Waterlily Lake Ski Trails are a network of tracks weaving in and out of pine, spruce, and aspen forest, passing several viewpoints and lakes.

This ski area offers a variety of one-way or roundtrip routes for Nordic skiers of all experience levels. Route times vary from short (less than an hour) to full days of skiing (up to seven hours). Most of the trails are for beginner to intermediate skiers, but some pitches and ravines are more difficult to maneuver.

Multi-Hour and Day Routes

A great beginner trip is the 3.8km/2.3mi round-trip to Homestead Lake. It takes about 2.5 hours to complete. A slightly longer 10.4 km/6.5mi route heads to Waterlily Lake and back. It takes about 4 hours in total and is recommended for intermediate skiers. More advanced skiers can take in much more of the area and its sights in just one day. Trails are used for hiking in summer.

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