Vanderhoof's Big River Country

Fishing at Cheslatta Falls

(Picture BC photo)


Vanderhoof Museum (Picture BC photo)

Vanderhoof Museum (Picture BC photo)

Vanderhoof (population: 3,865) is the geographical centre of British Columbia.

Visitors here enjoy peaceful views of rolling agricultural hills close to town, along with enticing nearby forests, lakes, creeks, and rivers a little farther out.

In the wilderness – only a short drive, flight, or boat ride from town – an endless number of seasonal outdoor activities await. Summer attracts visitors interested in fishing, canoeing, kayaking, outfitting, hiking, swimming, biking, bird watching and photography. Winters shift to snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and even dogsledding.

Many visitors to Vanderhoof stay at one of 15 wilderness retreats in Big River Country south of town. Enjoy gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, view birds come and go, swim in the lakes, and hike to the nearby waterfalls.

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