Sea-to-Sky Highway Route

Sea-to-Sky Highway, Howe Sound

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains

Touring & Sightseeing

A ferry en route to Nanaimo (K. Thirkell photo)

A ferry en route to Nanaimo (K. Thirkell photo)

More than a dozen driving routes criss-cross the Vancouver, Coast & Mountains region. It's easy to incorporate Vancouver, Whistler, farms and canyons into a single driving tour.

Enjoy an organized sightseeing tour of attractions near Vancouver, or join a guided adventure tour to explore forests, mountains and parks beyond the city limits.

Self-Guided Driving Tours

The Sea-to-Sky Highway Route between Vancouver and Whistler is among the world's most scenic drives. Also see unforgettable viewpoints along the BC Ferries Route or Coast Cariboo Circle Route, or visit artistic communities along the Coastal Circle Route. Gain insight into the BC's past along the Heritage Discovery Route or the Mighty Fraser Circle Route along the Fraser Canyon.

Circle Farm Tours weave through the Fraser Valley and visit local agricultural and artistic havens.

Guided Adventure Tours

Choose practically any method of transport – horse, kayak, floatplane, boat, zipline, train or 4X4 – and explore wilderness and parks on a guided journey. Whale watching, river rafting, wine tasting, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and bear watching are some other activites to experience with a guide.

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