Whytecliff Park, West Vancouver

(Alex Strohl photo)

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains

Culture & History

For thousands of years, the Coast and Interior Salish people, as well as a number of other First Nations bands, have called the Vancouver, Coast & Mountains area home.

Moving with the seasons, the Coast Salish people settled for the winter in oceanside villages. Their communal houses were constructed from the region's great stands of tall red cedar. Interior Salish people inhabited major river valleys, building semi-subterranean dwellings called pithouses.

Today, Salish First Nations traditions, art, lore, legends and history are woven into the fabric of the region's cultural make-up. A deep respect for nature and humanity marks their time-honoured way of life. Visitors can explore BC's Aboriginal culture through attractions like the totem poles at Stanley Park or the Museum of Anthropology.

Nature has also played a vital role in the region's European history. The mighty Fraser River – BC's largest river, famous for its fast-flowing currents – winds through the region, carrying a fascinating story of European discovery and development.

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