Visitors at the Ucluelet Aquarium
(Brendan van Son photo)


Beaches & Swimming

Kids swimming (Picture BC photo)

Kids swimming (Picture BC photo)

The Ucluth Peninsula, the west coast of the West Coast, boasts the finest beaches and most active beach culture in Canada.

Long Beach

With an amazing 10km/6.2mi of golden beach, Long Beach is the single greatest stretch of sand on Vancouver Island and a natural magnet for swimmers, surfers, hikers, beachcombers and photographers. Two pay parking lots, changing facilities, showers, flush toilets and picnic areas complete the profile of an impeccable family beachside destination.

More Beaches Near Ucluelet

Closer to town are Big, Little and Terrace beaches. And towards the north end of the Ucluth Peninsula, surfer faves are Cox and Chesterman beaches.

Tidal Pools

The pebble beaches and rocky, carved shoreline around Ucluelet are perfect areas for exploring. The many tidal pools invite the curious into a world of small wonders. Sea stars in brilliant orange and purple hues, mussels, barnacles and anemones come out to dance, revealing the intricacies of life and survival on the edge of the sea.

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