Visitors at the Ucluelet Aquarium
(Brendan van Son photo)


Things to Do

Fishing at sunset (Picture BC photo)

Fishing at sunset (Picture BC photo)

For a town of its size, Ucluelet or "Ukee" (as the locals call it) has almost too much to do.

Its natural assets of ocean, beach and rainforest might easily fill a summer. Fishing, kayaking, surfing, whale watching, bear watching, bird watching and hiking are just the start of things to do.


The waters off Ukee represent some of the finest fishing grounds on the planet. This is the realm of the prized chinook (spring), coho and sockeye salmon, halibut and lingcod. A local hot spot, "Big Bank" is 40km/25mi from Ukee's shores and is a popular - and productive - gathering spot for anglers.

Ocean Kayaking

With its bay, inlets and close proximity to Broken Group Islands, Ukee offers some of the best and safest sea kayaking on the west coast. Local companies offer a variety of affordable tours for newbies and old hands in wilderness settings.

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