Two bikers overlooking the Columbia River in Trail
(Picture BC photo)



Located in the southeastern corner of the Kootenay Rockies region, Trail is the Columbia River's last Canadian hurrah before it crosses the border into the United States.

The Columbia River, which flows right through the city, has played an essential role in the history of the entire area. The terrain around Trail is rocky, and the vegetation is less dense than in neighbouring valleys.

Greater Trail

The greater Trail area is comprised of the city itself and several adjacent communities. The community of Warfield, once known as "Mickey Mouse Town" because of its uniquely styled 1930's houses, is situated west of town in the wide valley of Trail Creek.

Still farther up the same valley, at an elevation of 1,023m/3,410ft, the town of Rossland is one of the highest in British Columbia. South and east of the city, along the valley created by Beaver Creek, are the communities of Columbia Gardens, Montrose, and Fruitvale. "Columbia Gardens" is also the label of the area's only commercial vineyard and winery, situated on the west facing slope of the Columbia Valley, near the Canada/US border.

Climate and Weather

The Trail area of the Columbia Valley experiences hot dry summers and relatively mild winters. In general, humidity is low. The average daily maximum temperature in July is 28°C/82°F. Winters are relatively mild, with average highs of 0°C/32°F and lows of -6°C/21°F. Occasionally, temperatures will dip as low as -26°C/-15°F. Annual statistics for sunshine and rainfall are 1,860 hours and 73cm/29in, respectively.