New Hazelton and Area

'Ksan Historical Village and Museum

(Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC photo)

The Hazelton


The Hazeltons officially consist of seven communities on or near Highway 16, between Terrace to the north and Smithers to the south.


In addition to the District of New Hazelton, communities are the Village of Hazelton (also referred to as Old Hazelton), South Hazelton, Kispiox Village, Glen Vowell, Gitanmaax and Hagwilget. Most of the communities are only a few minutes drive or within walking distance from each other. Kispiox Village, in the lush Kispiox Valley, and South Hazelton are slightly more isolated and rural.

Several First Nations communities further north are also part of the Hazeltons. These include Giwangak, Kitwanga, Gitanyow, and Gitsegukla. Gitsegukla is about a half hour drive north along Highway 16 from New Hazelton, while the others are another half hour drive or more. Kitwanga and Gitanyow are located along Highway 37, the Stewart-Cassiar highway, which branches north from Highway 16 and leads to Alaska.

Rivers and Mount Roche de Boule

The area between the Hazeltons communities is covered in forest and recreational trails. All of the communities are set among mountain peaks and circled by rushing rivers that are full of salmon and frequented by wildlife. Four major rivers in the area include: Kispiox, Bulkley, Skeena and Suskwa. The Kispiox River meets the Skeena River at Kispiox Village, while the Bulkley River meets the Skeena close to Gitanmaax and the Village of Hazelton.

A signature peak in the area is Mount Roche de Boule, which stands at more than 914m/3,000ft. During the day or night, at sunrise or sunset, it makes a stunning backdrop. Make sure to turn off Hwy 16 towards the Village of Hazelton and the Kispiox Valley, or farther north on Hwy 37 to really explore this area.

Climate and Weather

The Hazeltons have a mild climate. Summer temperatures average 15°C/59°F while winter averages -9°C/15.8°F. Precipitation is approximately 43cm/1.4ft per year. The weather is mainly sunny.