The British Columbia Effect

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Science has proven that time in nature can make us happier, more creative, and less stressed. We call that the British Columbia Effect. The Nature Fix by Florence Williams documents the evidence, but you’ve likely already felt the proof. Your shoulders relaxing as you sit on a rocky seaside perch, taking in the smell of the coastal breeze and the sound of crashing waves. The perspective gained in the presence of towering mountains. The boost in creativity after studying the complex patterns and natural designs in the rainforest.

Island Lake at Island Lake Lodge near Fernie | Kari Medig

Try Forest Bathing

Translated from the Japanese term shinrin-yoku, forest bathing is also known as forest therapy. It’s kind of like hiking through the forest. It’s kind of like meditating amongst the trees. Yet it’s not exactly either.

The forest itself is the therapist. The forest does all the work.

—Haida Bolton, Forest Therapy Guide

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Did you know that Seattle is only 100 miles from its Canadian neighbour? From there, the options to explore are endless. British Columbia is 364,764 sq miles, that’s bigger than most countries, so give yourself a week or more to discover the big-nature experiences throughout the province.

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