Traditional canoeing, Nisga'a Memorial Lava Bed Provincial Park

(Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC photo)



 (Albert Normandin photo)

(Albert Normandin photo)

Terrace has a number of beautiful camping spots on rivers, lakes, creeks and on top of mountains. Some are easily accessible by car and great for families with kids and/or trailers.

Others are remote and private, more popular with fishers and younger folk.

At least 10 government campgrounds and recreational sites are within a few minutes to a 45-minute drive from town. Sites at official campgrounds cost approximately $20 a night and may or may not have water and electrical hook-up.

Camping season is usually May to early October and best for weather in July and August.

Best Campsites near Terrace

The closest campsite to town is the 150-acre municipal park on Ferry Island just a few minutes drive or half hour from Main Street. The campground is a cozy nature haven surrounded by the Skeena River. A great walking trail, popular with runners and dog walkers, loops the island. Ferry Island has more than 100 campsites, running water washrooms and outhouses, fire pits, and water and electrical hook-ups.

Furlong Bay

Furlong Bay Campsite in Lakelse Lake Provincial Park is another family-friendly spot to spend a few nights. Drive about 20 minutes south of Terrace, along Highway 37 towards Kitimat, and turn right at the sign. Most of the campground's 156 sites are privately dispersed within old-growth forest on a large waterfront property. A sandy beach area with picnic tables, a dock, boat launch and paved parking lot and roads where kids can bike are all great features of the site. Campers can canoe, kayak, wakeboard, water ski, swim and fish in the lake.

Two more incredible campsites, both free, which visitors should not miss are Red Sand Lake and Exstew River recreation sites. Pamphlets describing each and how to get to both locations are available at the Terrace Visitor Centre.

Both sites are about an hour's drive from town, including highway time and slow-going on gravel logging roads. Red Sand Lake is quiet with a beautiful sandy beach and views of surrounding mountains. In the summer, it's great for swimming and canoeing. The forested area is also full of walking and biking trails.

Exstew Waterfalls

Campers at Exstew sleep next to the river, but it's the Exstew Waterfalls, about a 15-minute drive from the campsite then a muddy, 20-minute hike, that is the real attraction. The gorgeous falls drop off steep rocky cliffs into small pools surrounded by long, green grass and mossy trees. In spring, the falls are so full from the melting mountain snow that visitors are forced to shout to hear each other over the roar. It's impossible not to get wet from the falls mist.

Practical Points

  • Nowhere in town rents gear so all campers should be prepared with their own.
  • Be ready for cold nights, even in the summer. A hat, wool socks, warm sleeping bag and thermarest are recommended for tenters especially.
  • Unofficial campsites usually have no amenities, so bring enough water for cooking and drinking, toilet paper, matches and anything else one needs to sleep, eat and survive in the wilderness.
  • Watch out for bears. Hang food in trees or leave it in the car. Pack out all food scraps.
  • Many other campgrounds and hiking trails in the Terrace area are also great for overnight camping trips. For more information, ask at the Terrace Visitor Centre, read the informative hiking trail pamphlets there, and check out Things to Do – Hiking. Local campgrounds are also listed on the Kermodei Tourism website under Sleep.