Traditional canoeing, Nisga'a Memorial Lava Bed Provincial Park

(Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC photo)



Terrace, considered a commercial and central hub of northwest BC, is located inland along the mighty Skeena River, the second longest river entirely in the province.

The city is surrounded full circle by tall mountains, craggy peaks, small and medium-sized rivers, lakes and creeks.

Terrace is located at the intersection of Highway 16, which travels east to west, and Highway 37, which travels south to north.

Location and Nearby Communities

The closest big city is Prince George, 577km/359mi to the southeast. It takes about five hours to drive there. Kitimat, the closest town, is about a 45-minute drive south along Highway 37, 60km/37mi away.

Several First Nations communities are in the area. This includes Kitsumkalum to the west, Gitselasu to the east and the Nass Valley, home to the Nisga'a to the north.

The city of Terrace is divided in half by train tracks. The south side of town, which contains businesses, shops and residential properties is called the Southside while the other half, which contains the downtown core and homes is called the Horseshoe because of its shape. On a cliff, above the Horseshoe, is the area that considered the upper scale part of town, the Bench. Various communities surround the city with the largest being Thornhill.

Terrace is connected to Highway 16 by two bridges over the Skeena River, simply referred to as the old bridge and the new bridge. From a four-way stop on the east side of town, towards Smithers, Highway 16 continues straight through the intersection along the new bridge to connect with the Southside. Turn left at the four-way stop to cross the unique one-way traffic old bridge, which leads to downtown in the Horseshoe and to the Bench.

Climate and Weather

Terrace summers can be hot but the temperature usually varies between warm and cool. Falls are wet, rainy and colourful. Winter are snowy, sometimes windy and sometimes very cold. It's possible to snow two feet in one night in Terrace.

The average annual snowfall is 389cm/153in while precipitation averages 93cm/37in. Summer temperatures usually reach a high of mid-20°C/77°F in late June to September. In the winter, temperatures hover between approximately 5°C/44°F and -5°C/23°F.