Historic buildings and boats in Telegraph Cove's harbour
(Brendan van Son photo)

Telegraph Cove


Fishing at sunset (Picture BC photo)

Fishing at sunset (Picture BC photo)

The scenery steals the breath. Orcas frolic. Chinook salmon, the largest of BC's five salmon species, migrate through Telegraph Cove waters.

Trophy-size chinook, sockeye and pink salmon abound. Halibut and lingcod of Jurassic proportions are the treasures of the depths. Crabbing and prawning further diversify the burgeoning catch. Yet what amazes many anglers most is the astonishing calm of the Broughton Archipelago, BC's largest marine park.

Big Fish

Size counts in these parts: the record chinook salmon caught locally weighed in at 39kg/68lb. Halibut have come in as large as 119kg/264lb and lingcod in the vicinity of 27kg/72lb.

Landing the Tyee

For newcomers to BC fishing, the gold standard for chinook salmon is the "tyee", in Aboriginal parlance a salmon of 13.6kg/30lb or more. Catch a tyee and join the great BC fishing fraternity.

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