Historic buildings and boats in Telegraph Cove's harbour
(Brendan van Son photo)

Telegraph Cove



Scuba diver

Both the esteemed Cousteau Society and National Geographic undersea photographer Daniel Doubilet rank Vancouver Island as one of the finest cold-water diving destinations on the planet.

IMAX Superstars

For the 3-D IMAX film Denizens of the Deep, the real stars were the marine creatures of Broughton Archipelago near Telegraph Cove. They proved so thrilling, the archipelago delivered natural wonder without a single Orca, salmon or halibut hogging the camera.

The film's kelp forest was shot in the Pearse Islands; feeding nudibranchs in the Browning Passage; soft coral at Seventree Islet; red Irish lords and ratfish in Hussar Bay; and at the northern end of the Island, armies of red sea urchins and basket stars. And don't forget the giant octopus, which can weigh 91kg/200lb and whose tentacles can reach 7.6m/25ft.

The film's producers say the BC dives were their most exciting and rewarding moments.

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