Historic buildings and boats in Telegraph Cove's harbour
(Brendan van Son photo)

Telegraph Cove

Things to Do

Sightseers whale watching (Canadian Tourism Commission photo)

Sightseers whale watching (Canadian Tourism Commission photo)

Telegraph Cove rejoices in isolation and grandeur. It enjoys a protected coastal setting and temperate rainforest.

It boasts splendid access to the Johnstone Strait and Broughton Archipelago and their islands, glassy waters, whales and wildlife.

Pack the days with whale-watching, bear watching, fishing, ocean kayaking, diving, caving, hiking, walking and Aboriginal cultural touring.


BC contains more limestone caves than all the other Canadian provinces combined. Some of Canada's longest and deepest cave systems are found on Northern Vancouver Island. The explanation is its karst landscape, a geological phenomenon hallmarked by elaborate networks of caves, sinkholes and disappearing streams. Vancouver Island has more than 1,000 caves for experienced cavers to explore; beginner cavers should always venture out with an experienced guide.

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