Sun Peaks village
(Don Weixl photo)

Sun Peaks Resort

Water Activities

View of lake (Picture BC photo)

View of lake (Picture BC photo)

Hidden by Sun Peaks' Tod Mountain, Sundance Mountain, and Mount Morrisey are several small lakes ideal for a variety of water sports.

The biggest of these nearby lakes is McGillivray Lake, located 6km/3.7mi from the village.

While canoeing, kayaking, and fishing all take place on this lake, it's never too crowded. Take a camera because wildlife such as Osprey, Bald Eagles, Loons, beavers and sometimes moose and bear make their home along the lakeshore.

Canoeing and Kayaking

The North West Voyageur Company takes visitors around nearby lakes in replicas of the original voyageur canoes. Visitors can also view fur trade artifacts like beaver pelts and check out the map explorer David Thompson created 200 years ago after his voyages. Canoe rentals, half-day and full-day, are available at the village.

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