Sun Peaks village
(Don Weixl photo)

Sun Peaks Resort


Sun Peaks Resort comprises three mountains; ideal for downhill skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and hiking.


From the Yellowhead Highway 5 turn-off at Hefley Creek, the road to Sun Peaks gradually inclines for about 20 minutes until arriving at the small valley community of Whitecroft, where the road becomes quite steep. Upon reaching the western boundaries of Sun Peaks Resort the incline decreases as the narrow valley (location of the golf course) spreads out between the three mountains: Tod Mountain and Sundance Mountain on the north side of the valley, and Mount Morrisey on the south. This creates a feeling of being embraced by the mountains, each of which is accessible in winter and summer.

Climate and Weather

As with all mountain communities, the weather at Sun Peaks Resort can be somewhat unpredictable. However, snowfall pack levels at mid-mountain (1,855m/6,086ft) have remained constant over the years, averaging 75.1cm/2.5ft on November 30, 158.8cm/5.2ft on February 28, and 180.3cm/5.9ft at the end of March. December and January commonly receive the most snowfall, 115cm/3.7ft and 117cm/3.8ft respectively.

Temperatures are relatively moderate: December at -9.5°C/15°F, January -6.7°C/20°F, February -6.1°C/21°F, and March at -3.9°C/25°F. Summer temperatures average between 22°C/71.6°F and 29°F/84.2°C.