Sun Peaks village
(Don Weixl photo)

Sun Peaks Resort

Culture & History

Sun Peaks Resort began in 1961 with a single chairlift, the Burfield (at the time the longest chairlift in North America), opened on Tod Mountain.

Back then, this steep challenging peak had few amenities, and only the western section of what is now the resort was in use. The current log-structure administrative building at the foot of the Burfield chair was Tod Mountain's restaurant, lodge, and mountain ticket sales centre all in one.

Resort Development

Over the next 20 years, Sun Peaks slowly increased its capacity to accommodate skiers with the building of the Shuswap double chairlift and construction of the Shuswap day lodge. The majority of today's Sun Peaks Resort was built within the last 10 years, after being purchased by Nippon Cable Company Ltd. in 1992. The next year new runs were constructed along with three new lifts (two quads), and new facilities and infrastructure.

The company changed its name to Sun Peaks Resort Corporation in 1993, and soon thereafter the first nine holes of the golf course were finished. The final nine were completed in 2005. Also added were the village's day lodge, a snowboard park, a 35 million-gallon snowmaking reservoir, a building and facilities for the Snowsports School, and even a whole new mountain: Mount Morrissey.

Sun Peaks Resort Today

Sun Peaks Resort matured into one of North America's prime winter and summer resorts, voted "best race training centre," "best kids' terrain park," "best ski-in/ski-out village," and "best alpine resort in summer," by Ski Canada Magazine in 2009. Condé Nast Traveler Reader's Poll named Sun Peaks among the top 10 resorts in North America.