Mountains & Vineyards Circle Route

View of vineyard near Summerland

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Summerland is located on Highway 97, which runs through the city and continues south through the Okanagan Valley into Washington State.

To the north it intersects with Highway 1, the Trans-Canada Highway, providing access to Vancouver and Calgary (in Alberta). The most direct route to Vancouver is the Highway 97C/Highway 5 combination, which meets Highway 97 27km/17mi north of downtown.

Car Travel

Car travel is easy in Summerland, although exercise caution if driving on the few steep and narrow country lanes that run among the orchards and vineyards planted in gullies near the lake. Rental cars are available from local outlets. Winter tires or chains are strongly recommended on nearby mountain roads from October through April. Road conditions at higher elevations can be treacherous even when good in the valley. Four-wheel or all-wheel-drive vehicles are best suited for rugged backcountry travel.

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