Mountains & Vineyards Circle Route

View of vineyard near Summerland

(Picture BC photo)




Summerland’s gardens preserve green space within the urban environment and serve as gathering spots for community entertainment and events.

In spring the whole community looks like a garden when the fruit trees bloom. Year round, the Summerland Ornamental Gardens are the spot for peaceful afternoon retreats.

Summerland Ornamental Gardens

Originally established in 1916, the Summerland Ornamental Gardens were laid out in the traditional English style with expansive lawns, broad borders and strategically placed specimen trees.

The gardens were part of the working operations and on-site benefits for researchers living at the Federal Agricultural Research Station, now the Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre. While located on Agriculture Canada land, the site is now maintained by an active volunteer organization.

The 6ha/15ac gardens overlook Okanagan Lake, Giant's Head Mountain and the Trout Creek Bridge, which is an outstanding engineering feat constructed for the Kettle Valley Railway. Stroll the main garden and learn the principles of water-smart gardening in the xeriscape garden and meadows. The gardens are open year round.